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Volunteer Reference


This page contains reference materials for CASA volunteers to utilize.


Training Links


Link to Tom Rawlings Improving Court Outcomes for Children: Systemic Challenges and Opportunities live stream workshop from 2017 Georgia CASA Conference; Slides

Link to Deborah Burrus Permanency at the Front Door live stream workshop from 2017 Georgia CASA Conference; Slides

Link to Terrence Wilson Resource Toolkit for Child Adocates live stream workshop from 2017 Georgia CASA Conference; Slides

Link to 3 live stream workshops from 2016 Georgia CASA Conference

Video player install for webinar replays

Webinar: Legislative Update 2017 (June 2017) & Handouts

Webinar: Introducing Child Welfare Law and the Juvenile Court (Jan. 2017) & Presentation Slides

Webinar: DFCS Policy on Reasonable and Prudent Standards and Youth rights and responsibilities

Webinar: Foster Parent Recruitment Plan (June 2015) & Handouts

Webinar: Credit Reports for Youth in Foster Care (Sept. 2014) & Handout

Webinar: The Ins and Outs of Adolescent Brain Development (Sept. 2014) & Handouts

Webinar: An Overview of the New Juvenile Code (Dec. 2013)



Child & Family Courts Meet Brain Science

Reasonable & Prudent Parenting

Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation

Committee on Justice for Children: Webcast Trainings

Courtroom Advocacy Training Topics Link

National CASA Association: E-Learning

National CASA Association: Training Calendar

Video: Resource Toolkit for Child Advocates

PowerPoint Slide Presentation for Resource Toolkit Video

Video: Interviewing the Child Client - Approaches and Techniques for a Successful Interview


Tools for Advocates

American Bar Association: Children's Rights Litigation Multimedia

Casey Family Services

Cold Case Project Summary

Educational Advocacy Checklist

Educational Checklist

Educational Stability Checklist

Educational Stability & Transportation Funds

Engaging Non-Resident Fathers: A Guide for CASAs

Georgia's Child-Serving Agencies Guide (2012)

Georgia Crisis & Access Line

Georgia Grandparents Raising Children Resource Guide

Making Healthy Choices: A Guide on Psychotropic Medications for Youth in Foster Care and Supporting Youth in Foster Care in Making Healthy Choices: A Guide for Caregivers and Caseworkers on Trauma, Treatment, and Psychotropic Medications

National CASA Resources for CASA Volunteers

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center

Openness to Permanency Scale

Permanency Hearing Checklist

Relative Caregiver Subsidy Chart

Teen Parent Connection Informational Flyer and Know Your Legal Rights Brochure

The Legal Center for Foster Care and Education

United Way's 211 (Metro Atlanta)

Also see links to National and Georgia child welfare websites



Foster Care & Education Q&A: What Child Welfare Advocates Can Do for Unaccompanied Youth - January 2009

Georgia Bar Journal Article: The Next Generation of Child Advocacy - August 2007

Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Futures: A Judge's Guide - November 2009

Making the Case for Ongoing Connections Before Permanency and Beyond: A Guide to Presenting Ongoing Connections to the Legal Community - December 2006

Misdiagnosis and Missed Diagnoses in Foster and Adopted Children With Prenatal Alcohol Exposure - January 2015

U.S. Government Accountability Office Report: African-American Children in Foster Care - July 2007

Victimization and Trauma Experienced by Children and Youth: Implications for Legal Advocates - October 2012


Interested in Federal and State Policy?

Latest news from the Barton Child Law & Policy Center

Georgia Senate Bill 236

Legitimation Information

Major Federal Legislation Concerned w/Child Welfare, Child Protection & Adoption


The Numbers

Fostering Court Improvement


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