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Volunteer Training Information

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Volunteer Application

Prior to training, a prospective volunteer completes an application with the affiliate CASA program where he/she wants to volunteer. Included in the application are reference checks and a consent to a criminal background check.


Upon receipt of your application, an interview will be scheduled by the affiliate CASA program to which you applied. The interview provides the opportunity to get to know you better and to address any questions or concerns about the CASA volunteer role. After the interview, references are checked and the criminal background check is conducted.

Background Check

Each prospective volunteer must undergo fingerprinting for the purposes of conducting a criminal background check. If a background check is returned with offenses that disqualify someone from volunteering, he/she will not be able to volunteer with an affiliate CASA program. Also note that passing a criminal background check does not immediately qualify someone to volunteer.

Training Sessions and Swearing-In

Once all parts of the application are successfully completed, you will be accepted into the next available training sessions and will be trained in a variety of subjects for a total of 40 hours, including 10 hours of court observation. The training sessions vary, depending on the schedule each affiliate CASA program has created, but generally last 4-6 weeks with 3 hour classes. To check training schedules, click here. The entire application and training period is used in the assessment and screening of prospective volunteers. Upon completion of the training period, prospective volunteers that have met all requirements are sworn-in as officers of the court by a juvenile court judge.

To inquire about becoming a volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Inquiry Form.