Get Involved: Program Development

Program Development


In order for an affiliate CASA program to be developed, the consent of the juvenile court judge must be obtained. The support of the judge drives the creation of the program, sustains its existence and assists in its growth. The success of a program will be in large part due to the support of the court.

Sometimes the juvenile court judge will contact Georgia CASA directly, but often it is an interested community citizen who contacts Georgia CASA and inquires why a CASA program does not exist in the county and how one can be developed. The Director of Advocacy & Program Development and the interested citizen then go to the juvenile court judge and make the case for a program. If the judge is interested in establishing a program, a Letter of Intent is signed to indicate the judge's support for the creation of a program.

Establishing a Steering Committee is the first institutional step in setting up the program. Steering Committee members serve as a group of people who have endorsed the concept of the program and are willing to lend their names and volunteer their time to moving the concept through the exploration and startup phases. Those who serve on the Steering Committee should be willing to use their time, influence, and contacts to give the program a healthy start.  The Steering Committee determines the governing structure for the program, identifies financial resources and plans membership for an advisory board or board of directors.

The program development process usually spans 6 to 12 months. It is worth this investment, as the viable CASA program will infinitely support the juvenile court and the abused and neglected children in the community.


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